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11 March 2009 @ 12:10 pm
dreaming of leaving away
yeah flying away, on an eagle baby
you say you want to live my way
god, these games that you play
they’re driving me crazy

and you know that everything
is gonna have to change
and you know
well, it’s sunday morning and everything is alright
it’s alright

and all the people drinking really feel
like they are sinking to a different
kind of fool, with a different
point of view
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"Don't you know, you fool, ain't no chance to win
Why not use your mentality, step up, wake up to reality"

But each time I do, just the thought of you
makes me stop before I begin,
Because I've got you
Under my skin
And I like you
Under my skin
09 February 2009 @ 10:17 pm
 Hangin' round downtown by myself
And I had too much caffeine
And I was thinkin' 'bout myself

And then there she was
In platform double suede
Yeah there she was

Like disco lemonade
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i do feel a bit silly caught in such a redundant cycle of over-and-over's, but instead of being depressing, it's humorous and comforting. i like the sound of this disaster, mainly because "IT IS NOT SURPRISING THAT THE DEEPEST PROBLEMS ARE, IN FACT, NOT PROBLEMS AT ALL".

i got an A on my Probability & Statistics test, i met with Mr. Diaz and asked him a million important questions, i talked my counselor into switching me out of Aerobics and into Drama II for 6th period, and i wrote my angry critique toward Beowulf, which fucking sucks. i need to stop getting home and talking to Rasmus the Danish kid. he's hilarious and literally my twin soul. too bad he lives thousands of miles away and is only coming to visit for a week in March (do i see a pattern here? blonde and blue eyed, speaks another language...it needs to end). it's just those European guys are so different, so much more polite, determined, sexy, and well-read than guys here. they are not so caught up in manipulation and deceit and getting as much pussy as they can without their girlfriends finding out. or at least, in my experience they aren't. there is something about the blonde/blue-eyed combo that really gets me. i mean there was Marc, who was a total guilty break from Brian. then there was Nico in Columbia, and Rasmus, well, i met him when i was fourteen and had the most ridiculous baby crush on him. except now we can actually talk without me quoting an emo band, a virtue i did not enjoy in 8th grade. i seriously think that if he moved to the States, we would be too close to even have anything past friendship. we'd almost be like brother and sister-- we literally think, speak, act the same. there is a 6 hour time difference between US and Denmark, but he doesn't mind signing on at weird hours of the day to talk. that's how much we click, and it's funny that even online, i feel like i've been hanging out with this kid ever since i met him four years ago.

i'm happy tomorrow is Wednesday and Brian is coming down to Doral and i don't have a lot of homework. i want to smoke. i want to hug Brian. he pisses me off so much but i just feel bad because then his apologies are so pride-deteriorating, like he doesn't even care about his ego anymore. which is an improvement. on Thursday i take my senior pictures. wehhhhhh.

i need to stop being lazy and start filling in blanks and writing college essays. i requested my transcripts, that's a start. i asked for eight because that seems like a safe number to begin with, but i know i'll probably end up applying to fifteen colleges or so. for now, for sure i know Columbia, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, NYU, Penn State, Cornell, and UM (safety). i feel like a total overachiever, but i've worked hard, and the worst they can do is say no, right? plus i'm applying early decision to Columbia. if i make it in and the financial aid package is decent, i'm good.

everyone in school is FREAKING OUT about applying to college. i mean, i'm stressed too, but playing it off like a cool cucumber :) the cap advisor doesn't need more neurosis than he already has, considering he's also a part-time actor and owns a production studio, and his office is constantly filled with students bitching and whining and wanting to apply for the SAT past deadline. 

it rained a lot today which was lovely. also, i kind of have a date with Giscard to go to the movies. i don't know if it's a date really. it sounds cheesy calling it that. the fact that he's so different from everyone else at school and that i'm just starting to get close to him makes it so exciting. he is so much more than he seems to be. i love that. people that don't give too much off at first. and plus, he helps me practice my French. 

i want to get Starbucks just so i could read what the cup's "The Way I See It" quote is. 

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09 September 2008 @ 12:06 am
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07 September 2008 @ 11:04 pm
o m ggggg
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07 September 2008 @ 02:38 pm
 makes things better. usually things seem worse in the morning but today it was actually better. i stayed up til like 4 AM talking to Giscard on msn, super random, but i love that kid. then i woke up at 10 to make my mom breakfast because i felt bad i had bitched at her just because i was in a bad mood, and then i drove to Costa Verde to go to the pool with Emilio. and after, i drove to La Estancia to buy meat for my mom to make asadooooooooooo huhhn. so much driving. i love it. even if it's to stupid things like running errands for my mother, it's enlightening that i can get somewhere on my own. the fight with Brian seems so trivial in retrospect. that's another thing about driving, you get to think a lot, and to see things around you in a different way-- literally. so things change perspective. 

i have to read a bazillion pages for my Cold War class, do Spanish homework, and read Beowulf for AP english. all that and go to the gym and pass by Debs' to pick up the Australian and Japanese Vogues that the kind man in the hipster lincoln road store gave to us for free :). there aren't enough hours in a day. 
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07 September 2008 @ 02:24 am

wow, this weekend sucked. everything about it was horrible. i saw a lot of people i normally love, except it was not good at all. nothing fit in the right places. Brian has the fucking ability to make me feel tiny and worthless and like shit, and then have the balls to tell me i "misinterpreted" it or "took it too seriously". because it's so hard to apologize. it was nice going to lincoln road today i guess, but then again we didn't do anything different than what we usually do here, which is what i expected. there was no incentive for something innovative or spontaneous. there never really is. 

then i got home and fought with Brian with whom i was supposed to go to the beach to tomorrow, but fuck that now. i hate my life. i feel so helpless and small, but then so mature. i feel like i'm so much older than everyone around me. i hate it. i want to be stupid and superficial and simple and plain and generic. i constantly get mad at myself for being different, then end up remembering  that i would rather be different than be like everyone else and thanking a nonexistent God i am not grade-A Doral girl, and then the cycle begins all over again. i am not satisfied by anyone, nor does it feel like i can fully satisfy anyone else. there are very few things holding me together, little things like my French class, being VP of drama club, driving and listening to music, going to stupid "gettys" just to fill up time, endless endless endless time. i am literally running on empty. 

i really want to go to sleep. i don't have energy for anything, or anyone at all. 
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06 September 2008 @ 02:13 am
Argentinians Burn Down a Train
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Don't piss off any Argentinians. They'll burn you!

On Thursday, several furious Argentinians set fire to a train in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

The reason?

They were upset over the delays they were facing during the morning rush hour.


Images were caught on TV showing flames and black smoke covering the train.

Gustavo Gago, a rep for rail company TBA, said, "We understand that people get angry when the service is delayed or canceled, but they absolutely can't attack a public service in this way."

And nearby at Castelar, passengers were caught throwing stones at the ticket office and blocking the rails.

According to several passengers, the delays, which were caused by a broken down train, cost them a full day of work.

And this isn't the first time violence has broken out.

Just last year commuters also burned a carriage at a main station.

Riots also occurred at another main railway station when some passengers and cops clashed. That incident caused a dozen of arrests and injuries.

We'd LOVE to go to Argentina since we hear it's beautiful, but hopefully if we go there won't be any violence on the streets.

At least we'll make a mental note to avoid public transportation.
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